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Brand Design Agency Manchester

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In a crowded world, your communications matter above all else. Your brand identity underpins every message you ever wish to convey.

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A brand identity aims to shape what customers think of you long before you can speak to them - it does the heavy lifting for you. Customers have more choice than ever in today's saturated world and do the actual work as they research your company. Rather than aggressive sales tactics, now you communicate your USPs through design and content.

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Why should you invest in brand design?

There are specific ways people see your brand. And there are specific ways you want people to see your brand. A solid brand identity aligns the two. If a brand is about perception, then branding will happen whether you like it or not. 

Creating a brand identity is the process of controlling people's perception of your brand. When the two align, beautiful things can happen:

  • Easier marketing
  • Increased revenue
  • Enriched customer experience
  • Increased customer retention
  • Boosted price premium
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Why should you choose us?

We understand that there are an abundance of agencies and studios that can build you a good brand identity. However, we set ourselves apart by having a robust process and attention to detail when creating your identity; we explore every aspect of your business. 

  • Your customers 
  • Your products
  • Your goals
  • Your culture
  • Your competitors

We then build the tangible aspects that your brand requires, such as logo, patterns, typography, messaging and more.

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