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Packaging Design Agency Manchester

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Your packaging is an on-shelf advert; we design packaging that is as much about thinking as it is about doing - from design to function.

Services include
Visual identity
Packaging structural design

Our packaging is as much about thinking as it is about doing in equal parts. Packaging isn't just a carton or a bottle; it's a story and experience. A creative packaging design can be a critical touchpoint that draws people into your product.

Why should you invest in packaging design?

You rarely get a second chance to make a first impression, and today's consumers take around 7 seconds to form brand perceptions. More so than almost anything, your packaging helps you influence consumer perceptions: packaging allows you to communicate at the point of purchase.

Investing in your packaging design will:

  • Enrich your customer experience
  • Increase your product appeal
  • Increase social media visibility
  • Enhance your marketing strategy
  • Set your apart from the competition
  • and much more...
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Why should you choose us?

We think about your audience. Your identity. And about existing market perceptions. We're ruthless, and we're dedicated. We leave no stone unturned. Then, we add our creative energy – to create bold packaging that screams and shouts from shelves.

We start with the intangible stuff, such as:

  • Market research
  • Competitive research
  • Target audience research
  • Immersing ourselves in your brand and business

After a solid understanding of your products, the market, your customers and your brand, we indulge in the tangible by making dielines, visual concepts and mockups whilst always keeping budgets, goals and timelines in mind.

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