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The Best Packaging Design Agencies in Manchester

So you need a packaging designer but you’re not sure where to look? Don’t worry – we got you 👀 Here we'll look at the best packaging design agencies in Manchester. We say this all the time – packaging isn’t just there to protect your product. You need to be smart and use it to your advantage. Let it tell your story. People don’t just want to buy a product, they buy into the experience.
Whenever you buy something, the first thing you interact with is the packaging. You want your product to appeal to people from the offset – it should look good both in and out of its packaging. This applies to both an online and offline context. People underestimate the need for packaging design in e-commerce settings because there isn’t a need to ‘sell on the shelves’, but the unboxing experience is just as important. Whether that’s on a crowded shelf or in a thumbnail image online, good design attracts. Who can help you with all this? Packaging designers, of course!
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08 May 2024
The best packaging design agencies in manchester

Why Are Packaging Designers Important?

Packaging designers are the ones behind the scenes, making sure a product catches your eye and feels worth checking out. There really is an art and science to packaging design. Designers spend a lot of time figuring out how to turn opening a package into a unique experience. And it’s not just about unwrapping something – it’s about enjoying the moment you finally get your hands on what you’ve bought. It’s all about crafting each detail. From the peel of a sticker to the unfolding of the box, make it a memorable event. Think about it, that product might be the thing that’s getting your customer through the week. We’ve all been there where we’re desperately waiting for our parcel to arrive. Packaging designers are there to think beyond the box and make it all worth the wait.

There’s a lot more to packaging design though. Packaging also tells you what a brand’s all about without needing to say much. Packaging designers are key to moulding the brand's identity through its packaging. Their expertise allows them to craft designs that resonate with the target audience while maintaining brand consistency across various platforms and products. A simple, elegant box might suggest 'luxury' while something bright and bold might scream ‘fun and adventurous’ without saying a word. This isn't just random; designers curate these experiences to connect the product to the vibe of the brand to make the whole thing feel cohesive.

Who We Are and Why You Should Trust Us

We're Noramble, a packaging design agency founded in 2020 with a belief that every package tells a story. Our team has worked across a spectrum of industries – whether its beauty, household products, commercial/B2B, fashion, or food and beverage. We bring a rich diversity of experience to the table.

Our approach is simple but effective: we see packaging as more than just a container. It's a storytelling experience that can bridge the gap between your brand and your customers. Every design we create aims to convey a message, evoke emotions, and enhance the consumer's interaction with your products.

By choosing Noramble, you're not just getting a design service; you're partnering with a team that understands the nuances of different markets and has a track record of success in crafting compelling, eye-catching packaging solutions that resonate with audiences. Trust us to help tell your brand's story in a way that not only stands out in the marketplace but also builds lasting connections with your customers.

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How We Rated Them

When evaluating packaging design agencies, we use a detailed rating system that covers six critical aspects: portfolio, reputation, service focus, agency size, culture, and innovation. Each agency is scored on a scale from 0 to 5 in these categories, with 5 being the highest. The scores are then totalled to provide an overall rating. Here’s a breakdown of each criteria:

  1. Portfolio: We assess the diversity, creativity, and impact of the agency's past projects. This gives us insight into their design capabilities and the variety of industries they cater to.

  2. Reputation: This is determined through awards won, recognition in the industry, and testimonials from third parties. Positive feedback from credible sources and accolades from reputable institutions count heavily.

  3. Service Focus: We consider how specialised the agency’s services are. Specialising in a few key areas is often more beneficial than offering a broad range of services. This focus tends to produce higher-quality results and demonstrates deep expertise.

  4. Size of the Agency: The size can influence the personalised attention clients receive and the resources available for a project. We evaluate how well the agency's size aligns with the type of service it offers and its ability to handle clients' needs.

  5. Culture: An agency’s culture can greatly impact the client relationship and the creative output. We look for signs of a collaborative, innovative, and client-focused culture.

  6. Innovation: By reviewing the agency’s blog, publications on third-party websites, and any thought leadership pieces, we can assess their role as innovators in the industry. Frequent, high-quality, and forward-thinking content is a good indicator of an agency’s commitment to innovation.

Best Packaging Design Agencies in Manchester Results

#1 – Noramble

We stand out as a top-tier design agency, known for our innovative and dynamic approach to packaging design. With a compelling portfolio that showcases strong, versatile designs across various industries, we've gained an excellent reputation. Our five-star rating on Google Reviews is proof of this and underscores positive client feedback and a growing position within the design community.

We take a distinct approach to packaging design, integrating storytelling to make every project unique. This not only reflects our agency’s dedication to detail but we also enhance the branding for clients, ensuring that each packaging design tells a meaningful story about the product and the company behind it.

We might be small but we think the size of our agency is ideal. We strike the perfect balance between being large enough to handle diverse projects and small enough to provide tailored, attentive services. We foster an environment where innovative ideas take place and have a fresh take on packaging trends.

We also offer a free brand review to anyone who needs a little help.

With an overall score of 27 out of 30, Noramble excels in all areas, particularly in our specialised approach to packaging design. Our agency's commitment to innovation, combined with our strong portfolio and great reputation, make us the ideal choice for clients seeking impactful and innovative design solutions in packaging.

Portfolio: 5/5
Reputation: 5/5
Service Focus: 5/5
Size of the Agency: 4/5
Culture: 4/5
Innovation: 4/5

Total Score: 27/30

Amoebic 9
Zingara 6

#2 – Equator Design

Equator Design stands out as a well-established agency with a diverse and professional portfolio. This capability is supported by its international presence, showcasing its reputation as a leader in the design industry.

The agency offers an extensive range of services, with a notable strength in packaging design. This extensive service range, coupled with its size, allows Equator Design to handle large-scale projects effectively, though this scale may sometimes impact the personalisation of its services.

Equator Design benefits from a global and diverse culture, fostering a strong creative drive among its team.

With a total score of 23 out of 30, Equator Design offers a robust blend of diverse services and innovative solutions, supported by a global presence. However, its large size might detract from the personalised service that smaller agencies like Noramble offer. This could make Equator Design less suitable for small or new businesses looking for more tailored design services.

Portfolio: 4/5
Reputation: 4/5
Service Focus: 4/5
Size of the Agency: 3/5
Culture: 4/5
Innovation: 4/5

Total Score: 23/30

Equator design packaging

Image source: Equator Design

#3 – BGN

BGN is known to be a distinct design agency, known for its excellent design quality. While it may offer slightly less variety in its portfolio compared to Noramble, the quality of work consistently stands out. This is reflected in the agency's strong reputation within the industry . Unlike Noramble's specialised approach, BGN offers a broad range of services, with particular strengths in branding alongside packaging. This wider focus allows BGN to cater to various client needs, making it a versatile choice for companies seeking comprehensive design solutions.

As a larger agency, BGN provides a somewhat less personalised service than smaller agencies. That said, this size also enables it to handle a larger volume and variety of projects, which can be a significant advantage for clients needing extensive services.

While it does feature some innovative projects, its efforts are not exclusively concentrated on packaging. This broader approach might dilute its ability to push boundaries in any single field but does provide a well-rounded service offering.

Scoring 21 out of 30, BGN offers a solid range of services and maintains a good reputation in the design industry. Although it does not specialise as deeply in packaging design as Noramble, its strengths in branding and a broad service approach make it a decent option for businesses looking for diverse design services.

Portfolio: 4/5
Reputation: 4/5
Service Focus: 4/5
Size of the Agency: 3/5
Culture: 3/5
Innovation: 3/5

Total Score: 21/30

Shampoo packaging design bgn

Image source: BGN

#4 – Remedy Design

Remedy Design is a small design agency that shows strength in creative design. That said, there is less diversity in its portfolio compared to industry leaders like Noramble. Its recognition is more moderate, primarily within local markets, reflecting a focused yet smaller scope of influence.

The agency prioritises a personalised approach due to its smaller size, which allows for close client relationships but limits its ability to take on large-scale projects. While it focuses on design broadly, it lacks deep specialisation in packaging, which might be problematic for clients seeking highly specialised services in that area.

With a total score of 17 out of 30, Remedy Design is recognised for its strong creative capabilities but does not reach the broader market impact or specialised focus in packaging that competitors like Noramble achieve. This makes it suitable for clients looking for personalised service and creative design within a more confined or local scope.

Portfolio: 3/5
Reputation: 3/5
Service Focus: 3/5
Size of the Agency: 3/5
Culture: 3/5
Innovation: 2/5

Total Score: 17/30

Gino packaging design

Image source: remedy

#5 – Gorilla Studio

Gorilla Studio focuses exclusively on the food and drink industry, establishing a strong niche presence but limiting its versatility. This specialisation is shown in its portfolio, which lacks the diversity seen in broader-focused agencies like Noramble. While it has a strong reputation within its niche, it’s less recognised outside of it, potentially limiting its broader appeal.

Scoring 14 out of 30, Gorilla Studio is well-suited for clients within the food and drink industry seeking specialised design expertise but lacks the versatility and innovative scope of larger, more diverse agencies like Noramble.

Portfolio: 2/5
Reputation: 2/5
Service Focus: 3/5
Size of the Agency: 3/5
Culture: 2/5
Innovation: 2/5

Total Score: 14/30

Gorilla studio brand design

Image source:

So there you have it. Noramble is crowned as the best packaging design agency in Manchester. Whether you're a brand-new startup or an established player in the market, choosing the right packaging design agency is crucial. This roundup of the best packaging design agencies in Manchester provides a clear snapshot of each agency's strengths and areas of expertise. From Noramble's specialised and story-driven approach to packaging, which ranks highest in our evaluation, to Gorilla Studio's niche focus on food and drink, each agency brings something unique to the table. It’s up to you to decide which packaging design agency is right for you!

As you consider your options, remember that the right agency should not only have the technical skills to design appealing packaging but also the strategic insight to align these designs with your brand's core message and values. That means they can guide you with your brand design and brand strategy.

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