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Why Packaging Design Matters: An Introduction

Ever wondered why you reach for one product over another on a crowded shelf? You’ve heard the phrase ‘it’s about what’s on the inside that counts”. Well, it’s not true when it comes to packaging design. The outside matters, trust us. This notion is not just an assumption but it’s a well-known aspect of consumer psychology. It’s that first glimpse, the promise of what lies within, that can sway our hearts (and wallets) in a matter of seconds. Through colours, textures, and a dash of psychology, packaging tells a story, sets the stage for your brand, and plays a crucial role in nudging customers your way. As packaging designers, we at Noramble understand the major impact packaging can have on consumer decisions. So let’s get into it – why does packaging design matter so much?
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22 March 2024
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The Psychology of Packaging

You’re probably thinking, how does psychology play a role in packaging design? 🤔 It's a communication tool, a brand ambassador, and a psychological trigger. Not just a protective layer for your product. Packaging design tells your brand story and can be the influencing factor behind why someone chooses your product over another. The colours, textures, material, imagery, and typography used in packaging are selected to evoke specific emotions and associations in the consumer's mind. This is where you need to be strategic in your decision-making. You need to take into account the psychology of colours, materials, textures – you name it. It’s worth it in the long run.

For instance, you might choose green for sustainable packaging to convey eco-friendliness or organic quality, making it a popular choice for natural and sustainable products. Eco-conscious consumers will be drawn to this element and will naturally feel more inclined to buy it. If you think about the use of bold, contrasting colours – this can attract attention and suggest a sense of excitement or innovation. This psychological interplay between design elements and consumer perception is what transforms packaging from being a protective layer to a powerful marketing tool.

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First Impressions Count

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and the same applies to your product packaging. Despite what you might think, packaging design matters. The initial encounter between a consumer and a product typically happens at the point of sale, where the packaging is the primary factor influencing their first impression. It takes only a few seconds for a customer to form an opinion about a product based on its packaging, and this brief moment can determine whether they pick it up for a closer look or pass it by to select your competition. You don’t want that, do you?

Good packaging design stands out on the shelf, communicates the product's benefits clearly and concisely, and reflects the brand's identity. Think about what packaging sells on the shelves. Make sure your packaging design is inclusive to all your consumers. Who is your consumer? Are you designing product packaging for children? You need to adapt the design to suit your audience. There are packaging design mistakes to avoid, such as making the design inaccessible to the target market. It's about creating a visual, memorable and tactile experience that resonates with the target audience, compelling them to engage with the product. When done right, packaging can transform a casual browser into a committed buyer.

How Packaging Drives Sales

We all know making money is the main goal – but how exactly does packaging charm its way into driving those all-important sales? Think about what helps products stand out on the shelves … it’s packaging, right? Effective packaging design grabs attention. We know … it’s easier said than done, which is why we offer these services so that you don’t have to worry. The competition is insane, and more people are realising the importance of having effective packaging design in today’s competitive market. Distinctive packaging is the way forward and can help your product pop on the shelf. The first step is capturing consumer attention, after that – your product should speak for itself and your brand. This is where persuasion comes in. Your product packaging should be informative. By clearly communicating what the product is, its benefits, and how it aligns with the consumer's values, this might be sustainability or luxury, your packaging is on its way to influencing purchasing decisions.

Your packaging plays a major role in brand recognition and loyalty. It becomes the face of your brand. Consistent, high-quality packaging design helps build trust and recognition over time. Customers who have had positive experiences with a product are more likely to seek it out again, and having appealing packaging makes it easier for them to identify and remember the product. Let’s not forget the unboxing experience, especially in today's digital age, where everyone loves to share their latest finds on social media. A product that looks good on the outside and continues to delight as it's unboxed can turn customers into brand ambassadors, spreading the word far and wide.

In the digital age, the importance of packaging extends beyond physical shelves to online platforms. Eye-catching packaging can make products more photogenic and shareable on social media, providing free marketing and enhancing brand visibility. So invest in thoughtful packaging design not only to boost immediate sales but also to contribute to long-term brand growth.

When it comes to the future of packaging design, just know, it’s only going to become more important for brands. We see so many brands neglecting their packaging just because they are so focused on the product inside. Packaging design can help you stay competitive in this marketplace, it’s more than a protective layer. It’s a key player in the marketing game, a silent salesman, working hard to turn those casual glances into confirmed sales. At Noramble, we understand the power of packaging and harness it to create designs that not only look stunning but work tirelessly to boost your brand's presence and sales. Need a nudge in the right direction? Get in touch with us! We’ve worked with all sorts of industries, and our work speaks for itself. It’s time to up your game.

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