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The Art of Unboxing: Crafting Memorable Packaging Experiences

In a world where the average person judges a book by its cover or in this case, a product by its box, unboxing is not just about opening packages, it’s about crafting moments. At Noramble, we don’t just design packages; we create entire experiences. Let’s look at how these crucial moments can elevate your brand and create fierce brand loyalty. 
Learn about the importance of memorable packaging, discover surprise elements that delight customers, and get tips for making your packaging ready for social media with Noramble's insights and services.
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01 May 2024
The Art of Unboxing Crafting Memorable Packaging Experiences
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Why the Unboxing Experience Matters

So why does the unboxing experience matter? Picture this: your customer receives a package that looks so good they can’t bear to open it. Then they do, and it’s even better on the inside. That’s no accident. It’s the power of unboxing, which is all about leveraging brand storytelling and customer engagement to turn those first-time buyers into repeat customers. A recent study showed how for 61% of people, luxury packaging can significantly influence repeat purchases. Memorable packaging doesn’t just set you apart, it places your brand in the hearts (and carts) of consumers 🛒.

Every box opened is a brand story told. Consumers today aren’t just buying a product; they’re buying an experience, and the right unboxing moment can make or break their brand loyalty. There’s a trend going around where people take you on their unboxing experience journey on social platforms like TikTok and Instagram. As a brand, it’s so important you get the unboxing experience right. User-generated content (UGC) is massive for brands and might just position you in the eyes of many more consumers. We’ve seen businesses ride the viral wave of unboxing videos to rising sales and brand fame.

Benefits of Effective Unboxing Experiences

Boosts brand recognition 👉 Be the box they can’t forget.

Turns customers into brand advocates 👉 When the packaging is right, the shares, likes, comments and retweets follow.

Invites people to create UGC 👉 free publicity, reach new consumers, drives engagement, and increases reach.

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Elements of Surprise in Packaging

There’s nothing better than a good surprise. Think about the excitement you would have on Christmas morning when you’d see all those wrapped presents stacked. As adults, there’s less to be excited about these days. But that doesn’t need to be the case when it comes to packaging design. Packaging design matters – It’s more than just a protective layer!

Design Strategies for Surprise

Your packaging can be more than just a container. Think about brand storytelling beyond the box. With unexpected design elements like unique textures, popping colours, or even a cheeky message inside, you can turn a simple unbox into a memorable reveal.

Some innovative packaging solutions include tactile finishes that invite touch or you might use interactive components like pull-tabs or fold-outs that create an engaging, multi-sensory experience. Add a scannable QR code that leads to surprise online content, and you've not just delivered a product, but a memorable discovery. At the end of the day, it’s not just about what’s inside, it’s how you get there. Spice it up by adding hidden messages or gifts inside because we all love a little surprise, right?

Surprise packaging

Designing for Social Media Sharing

Impact of Social Media on Packaging Design

Did someone say ‘unboxing video’? These days, your packaging needs to be ready for its close-up. Instagram, TikTok, YouTube—your product could be starring on all. You really can’t miss out on the potential of UGC. Designing with shareability in mind means thinking about how your packaging looks through a camera lens. Let’s take a beauty/skincare product as an example, where a minimalistic design approach is not just on-trend, but hits the right spot with today’s aesthetic preferences. This style particularly resonates with the younger market, who are embracing what’s being called the ‘clean girl era’. It’s crucial to understand your target audience and tailor your packaging accordingly. Stay updated on the latest trends and think about what the future of packaging design might hold. By staying tuned to shifts in consumer preferences and aesthetic movements, you ensure your product not only meets but is ahead of customer expectations.

Tips for Social Media Friendly Packaging

You’d be crazy if you didn’t try to leverage social media for your brand. When it comes to designing for e-commerce, you must adapt your packaging for this. A lot of brands are so focused on designing packaging for retail only and fail to recognise the importance of doing the same for e-commerce platforms. As consumers increasingly turn to platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to share their favourite products, creating packaging that is primed for sharing can significantly amplify your brand's reach and appeal. Packaging design can influence online shopping behaviour massively. Here are some essential tips to ensure your packaging is not only ready for the spotlight but actively encourages social media engagement.


How it can help:

Eye-catching design

If it looks stunning, it's more likely to be shared.

Include brand hashtags

Embed hashtags or social handles directly on the packaging to encourage tagging and boost visibility


Use clear, attractive typography that stands out in photos and is easy to read at first glance.

Consistent branding

Ensure that your packaging reflects your brand's identity with consistent colours, logos, and styles that are instantly recognisable. Be consistent across all your products.

Interactive packaging elements

Consider adding features like scratch-offs, hidden messages, or peel-away layers that invite interaction and make for great video content.

Photogenic textures and patterns

Use materials and designs that look good on camera, enhancing the tactile and visual experience.

Strategies to Encourage Sharing

You want people to share reviews of your products but you aren’t quite sure how? Create a custom, brand-specific hashtag directly onto your packaging. This encourages customers to use it when posting their unboxing experience. Make it catchy – you want it to be a conversation starter and it can help you track customer interactions across social media platforms. Try to incentivise sharing. Motivate your customers to share their unboxing moments – this might be by offering future purchases, entries to competitions, or even allow them to feature on your official social media page. Rewards can help transform your customers into brand advocates.

You want your product packaging to encourage reviews. Think about adding in a friendly call to action that invites buyers to post reviews and share genuine feedback. Make it clear that you value their input and that their opinions could guide other customers.

Social media sharing

This might seem obvious but make your packaging visually appealing. Ensure that the design of the packaging is not only eye-catching but also photogenic. Think about how your packaging appears in photos and videos. Choose colours wisely – think about colour psychology when selecting your packaging design colour palette. Bright colours, unique shapes, or elegant designs can make your product stand out in the crowded space of a social media feed.

When it comes to brand storytelling, packaging design is your opening chapter and your cliffhanger—it starts the story and makes people want more. With Noramble's expertise, create unboxing experiences that not only resonate with your audience but also make your brand stand out against all competition. We’ve worked with many clients in different industries. We know what we’re doing.

Ready to make your packaging pop? Contact Noramble for a free brand review and watch your packaging strategy transform from mundane to memorable. Need help with packaging design, brand design, or brand strategy – we’re the guys for the job!

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