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The Influence of Packaging Design on Online Shopping Behaviours

Packaging design is a big deal in the world of e-commerce. As more people shop online, their expectations for packaging have changed. As packaging designers, we’ve seen the change firsthand. There’s no excuse anymore—if your product lacks a memorable unboxing experience, take this as your cue to make that change now.
People care about how your product looks, how it makes them feel and how it adds to their overall experience. This article dives into how packaging design affects consumer choices online, blending visual appeal, brand perception, and customer satisfaction. Understanding these factors can help businesses step up their packaging game, boost sales, and score better reviews.
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17 May 2024
The Influence of Packaging Design On Online Shopping

E-commerce and Packaging Expectations

Online shopping has exploded in the past decade, changing how we buy things. Think back to Covid-19 times, when boredom took over and packages were arriving at the door every day. That surge in online shopping highlighted just how important packaging design has become. The ease of shopping from home, plus a huge variety of products and competitive prices, has hooked so many consumers. Endless scrolling and clicking has become the norm. With this shift, people’s expectations for packaging have also changed. Packaging isn’t just about protecting products anymore; it’s a mega part of the overall shopping experience.

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Look at the Visuals

Now, when it comes to online shopping behaviours, you need to take into account the visual look of your packaging design. There’s so much competition. Eye-catching packaging can grab attention and sway buying decisions. A well-designed package will scream quality, boost brand recognition, and create excitement about what’s inside. For example, industries like beauty and food & drink rely heavily on attractive packaging to lure customers.

Take a look at Amoebic, a perfect example of how visual appeal can make a huge difference. Amoebic's packaging is designed to be vibrant and engaging, immediately capturing attention and standing out in a crowded market. This strategic use of design elements not only highlights the product's quality but also enhances brand recognition and builds anticipation for the digital unboxing experience.

Amoebic 1
Amoebic 9

Zingara, a new flavoured soda brand, wanted to embody "Life's Zingful Moments" through its packaging. They approached us for a distinctive design strategy for their canned beverages. The goal was to infuse each can with vibrancy, spontaneity, and zestfulness, reflecting the brand’s promise of joy and refreshment. Noramble focused on bold colours, dynamic typography, and playful fruit mascots to create a sense of anticipation and excitement. By aligning with the growing demand for natural, healthy sodas, the design not only captured attention but also resonated with consumer trends.

Zingara 6
Zingara 3

Influence of Packaging Design on Customer Purchase Behaviour

Research shows brands have just seven seconds to make a good impression. In those precious moments, the design and look of packaging is just as important as any marketing tools. Good packaging design sends signals about the brand's quality and meaning, which can tip the scales towards a purchase. Think of sleek, minimalist designs suggesting luxury which you might see across a lot of health and beauty sectors. Take a look at Methodology’s packaging design below. What impression does it give?

Methodology Bottle 5
Methodolgy Bottle 7

Methodology, a luxury hair care brand, aims to create premium products using high-quality natural ingredients. We helped them to craft a visual identity and packaging design that reflected their luxurious, natural ethos. Through extensive market research, Noramble developed a clean, minimalist design with vibrant colours that captured attention and emphasised the brand's premium quality. This strategic packaging design significantly influences customer purchase behaviour by making a strong first impression, showcasing the product's natural ingredients, and fostering brand recognition and loyalty.

Retailers are putting more money into innovative packaging solutions to not only stand out on shelves, but online. This packaging design trend highlights the growing recognition of packaging as a key strategy to drive sales and build brand loyalty.

Designing for the Digital Unboxing Experience

The digital unboxing experience is all about how customers interact with product packaging after buying online. A fun and engaging unboxing can turn a regular purchase into a memorable event, encouraging customers to share their experiences on social media and leave positive reviews. That user-generated content is gold - you don’t want to miss out on it!

Great digital unboxing has several key elements:

👉 Creative Packaging: Using colour psychology, unique shapes, and textures to create an eye-catching package.

👉 Consistency in Branding: Ensure the packaging matches the brand’s message and identity.

👉 Convenience and Functionality: Designing packaging that’s easy to open, protects the product, and is reusable or recyclable.

Psychological Aspects

Packaging design can trigger emotions through its visual and tactile elements. Subconscious triggers like perceived value and social proof are also important. For example, luxury packaging can enhance the perceived value of a product, while eco-friendly packaging can boost a brand’s image as socially responsible. You need to make a decision on what’s more important or whether you want to incorporate a blend of the two.

Cane Packaging 6
Cane Packaging 3

How Packaging Affects Online Reviews

Think about the last time you ordered something online. Did you eagerly track the delivery, counting down the days until it arrived? The last thing you want is for a consumer to feel underwhelmed by the unboxing experience. Only recently, have people started to realise that packaging has a mega impact on customer perceptions. The proof? Check out online reviews.

High-quality packaging usually leads to positive reviews, while poor packaging can result in negative feedback. Customers frequently mention packaging in their reviews, underscoring its importance in the overall product experience.

So what can influence online reviews?

👉 Visual Appeal and First Impressions: Attractive packaging creates a positive first impression, which can lead to favourable reviews.

👉 Packaging Materials and Sustainability: Eco-friendly materials appeal to environmentally conscious consumers, leading to positive feedback.

👉 Customer Experience with Unboxing: A delightful unboxing experience encourages customers to share their excitement online.

Packaging plays a crucial role in building brand awareness. Consistent and innovative packaging can make a brand more recognisable and memorable.

Packaging Element

Impact on Reviews

Visual Appeal

Attracts attention and generates increased positive reviews

Material Quality

Conveys durability and luxury, enhancing brand perception


Ensures ease of use, leading to higher customer satisfaction


Appeals to eco-conscious consumers, resulting in positive environmental feedback

Branding Consistency

Builds brand loyalty and recognition through cohesive design

Innovative Design

Encourages social media sharing and creates buzz around the product

Ease of Unboxing

Improves the customer experience, reducing frustration and increasing satisfaction

Informative Labelling

Provides clear product information, enhancing trust and understanding


Adds value by offering a secondary use, fostering customer appreciation


Reduces the likelihood of product damage, leading to fewer complaints

Online shopping purchase

In the e-commerce world, packaging design is a big player in shaping consumer behaviour and influencing online reviews. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to influence consumers' purchasing behaviours. Watch out for those packaging design trends!

Contact us today to learn how you can tailor your packaging design for the digital age. Here at Noramble we offer packaging design, brand design, and brand strategy services to those that need it. You can trust us, we know what we’re doing. Get yourself a free brand review!

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