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Amoebic is a luxury skincare brand that came to Noramble for help with its brand and packaging design experience.

What we did
Brand Design
Packaging Design
Visual identity

Our collaboration with Amoebic, a luxurious natural skincare brand, exemplifies our commitment to marrying creativity with functionality. Through meticulous ideation, creation, and refinement, we transformed Amoebic's vision into tangible packaging designs that speak volumes about the brand's essence and ethos.

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Amoebic 2

Crafting Elegance, Inspired by the brand's commitment to natural beauty and luxury.

At the heart of our design journey for Amoebic lay a deep understanding of the brand's identity and aspirations. Inspired by the brand's commitment to natural beauty and luxury, we embarked on a journey to create packaging that encapsulates these values and becomes an integral part of the overall brand experience. We conceptualised a design language that celebrates the beauty of nature's intricate patterns and textures by drawing from Amoebic's name, which evokes fluidity and organic form.

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A touch of artistry to the packaging

Central to our design approach was creating a distinctive logo that serves as the cornerstone of Amoebic's visual identity. Crafted with sleek lines and subtle curves, the logo captures the fluidity and elegance synonymous with the brand. Complementing the logo, we developed a series of watercolour icons, each representing a different product line within the Amoebic range. These icons add a touch of artistry to the packaging and serve as visual cues for consumers, facilitating easy navigation through the product offerings.

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We incorporated tactile elements such as embossed textures and matte finishes

We opted for sleek and sophisticated containers that reflect the brand's premium positioning for the primary packaging. Drawing inspiration from organic natural shapes, such as gentle curves and asymmetrical patterns, we designed visually striking and ergonomically sound containers. To further enhance the brand experience, we incorporated tactile elements such as embossed textures and matte finishes, inviting consumers to engage with the packaging on a sensory level.

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