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Amoebic Packaging 4

A start-up brand called Amoebic needed everything from strategy to packaging to take a slice of the natural skincare market.

What we did
Brand Design
Packaging Design
Visual identity

The beauty industry comprises many sub-markets; one hot market right now is natural skincare. Skincare that eliminates the use of harsh chemicals, perfumes, etc.

The natural skincare market is growing due to the education and awareness around the ingredients that go into skincare and beauty products. Ultimately, consumers want more natural products to put on their faces. A product that Amoebic intends to deliver to the masses at an affordable price for a quality product.

Amoebic Packaging 1
Amoebic Packaging 3
Amoebic Packaging 2
Amoebic Packaging 4

First stop, strategy!

The first step was strategy. What did we want the brand to feel like? How did we want the brand to be communicated? What do we want customers to feel like when they use the products? What are the competitors doing?

Once we answered all the above and more, we went into the tangible assets such as logo and packaging. We wanted the brand to feel calm, relaxed and seductive.

Colours, materials and so much more

We created an elegant logo with a modified typeface and subtle pink, yellow and off-white tones.

We illustrated some patterns reminiscing natural and organic themes for the packaging. Paired with individual colour themes, this pattern would be the sub-brand for the individual products.

We created outer carton packaging from recycled paper and cardboard to highlight the natural brand value. The primary packaging featured a label with a simplified pattern and typography to be easily recognised in the consumer's bathroom.

Amoebic Billboard
Amoebic Logo
Amoebic Logo 2

Some of our recent work

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