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Methodology Bottle 6

The luxury hair care brand, Methodology, aims to provide premium haircare products from high-quality natural ingredients.

What we did
Brand strategy
Visual identity

They needed Noramble to create a visual identity, packaging design, and brand guidelines for their product line.

The project's primary objectives were to create a visual identity that reflected the premium and luxurious nature of the brand, design packaging that conveyed the natural and organic ingredients used in the products, and create a unique and memorable brand that stood out in the crowded haircare market.

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We set out with strategy to inform our next steps

To achieve the project's objectives, Noramble began extensive research on the haircare market, focusing on the luxury segment. They analysed competitor brands' visual identities, packaging designs, and messaging to determine the best approach.

After the research phase, Noramble developed several initial concepts that reflected the brand's values and objectives. They presented these concepts to the client, who chose a direction focused on a clean, minimalist design emphasising the natural ingredients used in the products.

Then we moved on to visual identity and packaging

The Noramble team then developed the final visual identity, which included a logo, colour palette, and typography. They also designed packaging for each product in the line, using high-quality materials and print techniques that conveyed the brand's premium nature.

Noramble created a successful brand identity and packaging design for Methodology. By conducting extensive research and working closely with the client, they developed a visual identity that reflected the brand's values and objectives. They helped them establish themselves and elevated the brand's position in the luxury haircare market.

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