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Zingara is a newly established flavoured soda brand for "Life's Zingful Moments." The brand needed packaging that matched its story.

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Zingara, a newly established flavoured soda brand, approached Noramble with a vision to embody "Life's Zingful Moments" through its product packaging. With an exclusive focus on canned beverages, Zingara sought to create a captivating brand identity that resonated with consumers. 

Noramble was tasked with executing a distinctive packaging design strategy for Zingara's canned soda lineup. The objective was to infuse each can with the vibrancy, spontaneity, and zestfulness that encapsulated the brand's promise of delivering memorable moments of joy and refreshment.

Zingara 2
Zingara 1
Zingara 5
Zingara 6

Figuring out the market and consumer

Noramble embarked on an immersive exploration of Zingara's brand essence and target audience aspirations. Through in-depth market research and trend analysis, the team identified the rising demand for natural, healthy soda that had the taste to back it up. The Noramble team sought to align Zingara's packaging with this emerging consumer mindset.

Zingara 3
Zingara 4

For lifes zingful moments

Inspired by the concept of "Life's Zingful Moments," Noramble conceptualised a series of design directions that celebrated spontaneity, adventure, and sensory delight. Embracing bold colours, dynamic typography, and playful illustrative fruit mascots, each design concept aimed to evoke a sense of anticipation and excitement reminiscent of life's most cherished experiences.

Zingara Apple
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The finer details matter

Noramble collaborated closely with Zingara's team to refine and iterate on the selected design concepts. Leveraging rapid prototyping techniques, they experimented with different visual treatments, finishes, and tactile embellishments to enhance shelf visibility and consumer engagement. The final designs seamlessly integrated Zingara's brand identity with its promise of delivering "Zingful Moments" in every sip.

Zingara 7
Zingara 8
Zingara 9
Zingara 10

Onwards and upwards

Noramble's collaboration with Zingara exemplifies the transformative power of packaging design in shaping brand identity and driving consumer engagement. By translating Zingara's unique proposition of "Life's Zingful Moments" into visually compelling and emotionally resonant packaging, Noramble helped the brand establish a strong foothold in the market and forge meaningful connections with consumers eager to embrace life's exhilarating moments.

Zingara Tote Bag
Zingara Billboard 1
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