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Cane, a start-up toothbrush brand that uses sustainable bamboo materials, approached Noramble to develop a brand identity and packaging.

What we did
Brand strategy
Visual identity

Noramble was approached by Cane to develop a brand identity and packaging design that conveyed the brand's eco-friendly values and reflected its commitment to sustainability. The client requested that the final deliverables include illustrations of the toothbrush and the brand's signature coral orange colour.

The project's primary objectives were to create a visual identity that communicated Cane's commitment to eco-friendliness and sustainability, develop innovative and memorable packaging, and design a brand that stood out in the competitive oral care market.

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We worked closely with the brand to nail the concepts

Noramble started the project by researching sustainable materials and packaging options aligned with Cane's values. They also analysed competitor brands' visual identities, packaging designs, and brand messaging to identify areas for differentiation.

Based on the insights gathered, Noramble's design team created several initial concepts emphasising the brand's eco-friendly values and commitment to sustainability. They experimented with different typography, colours, and packaging materials, ultimately deciding on a design that showcased the natural beauty of bamboo and incorporated the brand's signature coral orange colour.

A bathroom star is born

The final visual identity featured a memorable and minimalist logo that incorporated the brand's signature colour and an illustration of the toothbrush. The typography was modern and clean, conveying the brand's eco-friendly and innovative values.

Noramble used sustainable materials for the packaging, including biodegradable cardboard and bamboo pulp, to create an eco-friendly and memorable design. They also included information about the environmental benefits of using bamboo toothbrushes and how the brand works towards a more sustainable future.

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