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PopJoy is an emerging brand specialising in fun, flavourful, popular popcorn varieties.

What we did
Brand Design
Visual identity
Packaging Design
Brand workshop

PopJoy aimed to captivate consumers with its vibrant and playful approach to snacking while offering popular flavours. Seeking to establish a strong presence in the competitive snack market, PopJoy entrusted Noramble to create packaging and branding that would embody the brand's essence of joy, excitement, and indulgence.

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Noramble explored various creative concepts

Based on the insights gathered, Noramble explored various creative concepts encapsulating PopJoy's playful and indulgent brand identity. The design concepts ranged from bold and colourful patterns to whimsical illustrations, all aimed at evoking a sense of joy and excitement associated with snacking on PopJoy popcorn.

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Popcorn 2
Popcorn Billboard
Pop Joy Popcorn

More than just a visual

Besides visual design, Noramble carefully considered the packaging structure and format to ensure functionality and shelf appeal. Various packaging formats, including resealable pouches and multipack options, were explored to accommodate consumer preferences and usage occasions.

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Typography and much more

Noramble selected dynamic typography and graphic elements that complemented the brand's energetic personality while effectively communicating flavour names and product features. Playful illustrations and vibrant colour palettes were incorporated to create visual interest and enhance shelf visibility.

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Hitting all the right spots

The final packaging designs stand out on retail shelves, drawing attention from consumers amidst competing snack brands. The packaging successfully conveys PopJoy's brand personality of fun, excitement, and indulgence through vibrant colours, playful illustrations, and engaging typography.

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