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Fine & Fettle is a start-up brand that needs a bold brand strategy to compete in the vast health food industry.

What we did
Brand strategy
Visual identity
Packaging Design

With their high-priced position, we needed to create a brand strategy representing this. As with any project, we started at the very core of the brand. Figuring out what made this brand unique, who for and for what sub-market.

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This was our silver bullet for the project

After doing intense research into the food and on-the-go food markets, we realised it was all quite boring. Nothing new, nothing exciting and most importantly, not many healthy but tasty options - this was our white space to own.

Fine Fettle Bar
Fine Fettle Bar 2
Fine Fettle Box 1
Fine Fettle Box 2
Fine Fettle Box 3

We found the market lacked bold design and visual appeal

Once we had laid out the plan, we got to work on the name and visual identity of the brand. Knowing the market landscape lacked visual appeal and bold design, we went with an impactful logo using the ampersand within the name as a brand icon to ensure brand memorability and brand recognition in customers' minds.

We paired this with playful colours and photography to help communicate the brand's core to its busy, on-the-go customers.

Fine Fettle fruit icons

Some of our recent work

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