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Fine Fettle Hero

Fine & Fettle is an established brand that needs help redesigning its packaging and visual identity to stand out in the noisy snack market.

What we did
Brand strategy
Visual identity
Packaging Design

With their high-priced position, we needed to create a brand strategy representing this. As with any project, we started at the very core of the brand. Figuring out what made this brand unique, who for and for what sub-market.

Fine Fettle Hero

Giving the brand some excitement

After intense research into the food and on-the-go food markets, we realised they weren't very interesting—there was nothing new, nothing exciting, and most importantly, nothing that felt cohesive as an identity.

Fine Fettle 2
Fine Fettle
Logo View

A new taste and a new look

We got to work on the brand's visual identity. Knowing the market landscape lacked visual appeal and bold design, we went with a playful and simplified logo that people could instantly recognise and wouldn't get lost in the crowd.

We paired this with playful colours, bold typography, and illustrations to help communicate the new brand's value of being deliciously guilt-free.

Old Vs New
Fine Fettle Logo 07
Fine Fettle Logo 08
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