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Harveys Honey Packaging 1

Harvey's Honey approached Noramble to create a brand identity and packaging that would connect with the brand’s core values.

What we did
Brand strategy
Visual identity

Harvey's Honey, a luxury honey brand that sources Honey from the most pristine locations in the world, approached Noramble to create a brand identity and packaging design that conveyed the exclusivity and luxury of their products.

The project's primary objectives were to create unique packaging

That would reflect the premium nature of the brand and its products, develop unique, memorable packaging highlighting the honey's origin and flavour, and design a brand that could stand out in the competitive honey market.

Noramble started the project by researching the honey market extensively and analyzing competitor brands' visual identities, packaging designs, and brand messaging. They also explored honey's history and cultural significance, gaining a deeper understanding of its value and symbolism.

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Harveys Honey Packaging 1
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Noramble's design team got to work

Armed with this knowledge, Noramble's design team got to work, creating several initial concepts that emphasized the exclusivity and premium nature of Harvey's Honey. They experimented with different typography, colours, and packaging materials, ultimately deciding on a minimalist yet elegant design showcasing the honey's origin and flavour.

The final visual identity featured a unique and memorable logo that incorporated a honeycomb pattern, a colour palette inspired by the hues of Honey, and elegant typography that conveyed the brand's luxury.

Harveys Honey Logo
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The packaging design process

For the packaging, Noramble used premium materials, including glass jars, to create an alluring and unforgettable design that emphasized the exclusivity and luxury of Harvey's Honey. They also included information about the honey's origin, flavour notes, and suggested pairings to provide a deeper connection between the product and the consumer.

Noramble successfully created a visual identity and packaging design for Harvey's Honey, a luxury honey brand. Focusing on research, innovation, and creativity, they developed a visual identity that perfectly captured the brand's values and objectives, elevating them to new heights in the competitive honey market.

Harveys Honey Billboard

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